Certificate Classes (4 - 10 years old)
Our Certificate Classes are taught by our teachers who specialize in Putonghua Speech and Drama. By enrolling in Certificate Classes and participating in the relevant exams and competitions, not only will you see a leap in Putonghua oral fluency in young children but they will also benefit by gaining confidence in speech, in public speaking skills, first-hand on-stage experience, and also attaining crucial interview techniques. The entire course will be conducted in Putonghua so results are significant and appraisable. They will receive an official assessment of their Putonghua proficiency level and earn certificates from reputable and well recognized institutions.
KPCC Examination
The KPCC (Kiddies' Putonghua Certificate in Communication) examination is organized by the China Artist Association and Beijing Tsinghua EUNIS Education Board. It is an open examination available for Hong Kong nursery and kindergarten children aged between 3 – 7 years old (PN-K3). The testing lasts 8 - 10 minutes, and includes Putonghua listening, conversation and poem recital in only oral format. Children are graded based on their pronunciation, comprehension and recital skills. There are six examinations per year with 3 different levels that children can apply for: Junior Level, Intermediate Level, and Senior Level. Every student is presented with a report card and for those who pass the examination, they are awarded a certificate by the KPCC. Examination Fee is $300-$360 per student.
GAPSK Examination
The GAPSK examination is developed by the China National Education Board and Beijing University Language Education Department. It is also an open examination available for all Hong Kong Kindergarten children (K1-K3). The examination is a one-to-one oral testing of the student's listening, oral and recital skills. It is similar to KPCC but there is also an "action" section where students are asked to follow some simple instructions, and word recognition section. There is no level differentiation and there are six examinations that take place per year. Examination fee is $450 per student.
Poem Recital
This course helps children prepare for the numerous Poem Recital competitions organized by the various teaching organizations throughout Hong Kong.

In this course, children are taught the Tang Chinese poems or Dizigui and are prepared for taking part in the local open recital competitions. Through these competitions, children gain invaluable on-stage experience performing in front of an audience. Children will be graded on their pronunciation, volume projection and stage performance, with certificates awarded to all participants, and trophies awarded to the top performers.
Our teachers will prepare students according to the specific competition they are applying. For details, please contact our centre by Email or 3427-9619.