Chinese Music Classes (4 - 12 years old)
The Chinese Pipa (琵琶) and Guzheng (古箏) are considered one of the oldest and most classical of Chinese instruments. Through learning Pipa and Guzheng, children will improve their finger movements, hand-eye coordination, music theory knowledge, listening skills, judgement and discipline.

In addition, children will gain a deeper understanding of the ancient Chinese culture and experience one of the finest Chinese musical instruments.

Our Chinese Music teacher is a fully qualified Chinese music teacher and a professional performer in Pipa (琵琶). Primary children can consider going for National Music Grade Examination in Pipa or Guzheng. It is another fun and easy way to improve language skills as all classes will be taught in Putonghua. Only private classes available.

For Class Schedule, please contact us by Email or by phone


Putonghua Drama Classes (4 - 12 years old)
Drama education has proven to be as important as structured teaching methods in motivating and inspiring students to become articulate communicators. Our Putonghua Drama program offers enthusiastic participation in a wide range of creative activities including speech, creative movement, dance and improvisation. Children will not only be able to use their imagination to act and explore, they can also improve their Putonghua oral skills, develop speaking skills, build confidence and self-esteem, promote creativity, enhance early social skills and creative learning. Children will gain valuable stage experience while performing in front of an audience and will embark on a life-long enjoyment of creative arts.

Our Drama teacher is a qualified Drama and Chinese Dance teacher. She has extensive experience in teaching young children and early teens. Our Drama Course runs from September 15th - December 8th, 2014. With a minimum of 4 children, our program will provide a fun and imaginative learning experience that also include occasional class performances and a special performance to all parents on the last class.

For details and class schedule, kindly contact us by Email or by phone at 3427-9619.