Putonghua Class Details
Friendly Frog
6 - 12 mths
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Studies have shown that babies are capable of learning any language if they are exposed at an early age. Our Friendly Frog playgroup offers babies the opportunity to develop their motor skills in a Putonghua immersed environment, taught through songs, games and interactive play. Activities are developed to stimulate all senses which aim to challenge the baby physically, mentally and linguistically. Parents or caretakers are also taught simple songs and phrases to use and practice with the babies at home.
Merry Monkey
12 - 18 mths
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As babies become more aware and slightly more independent, our Merry Monkey playgroup offers the perfect opportunity for further Putonghua exposure, taught through music, arts and crafts, interactive games and storytelling. Flashcards are introduced and toddlers are taught to recognize simple words and couplets in Putonghua. Parents and caretakers are required to accompany toddlers in this class.
Peppy Puppy
18 - 24 mths
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At this age, toddlers have longer attention span and are starting to develop social interactions. Our Peppy Puppy playgroup introduces more structural learning in a small group environment as we prepare toddlers for the Zesty Zebra Class. Parents or caretakers are required to accompany toddlers in this class.
Zesty Zebra
2 - 3 yrs
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The Zesty Zebra class guides children successfully between playgroup and pre-school. Independence is encouraged and children will begin to attend this class without parents or caretakers being present. Children will learn Putonghua and Chinese culture with an introduction to Chinese poetry, nursery rhymes and Dizigui (or "Students' Rules, a primer popular in China aimed to provide young children with a knowledge of the Chinese intellectual heritage, teachings and philosophy). More Chinese words and phrases will be introduced alongside fun activities such as creative arts and interactive play.
Playful Panda
3 - 4 yrs
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By this age, children should develop a quest for knowledge and are ready for more mental and linguistic stimuli. In the Playful Panda class, we aim to strengthen and build up every child's vocabulary pool as they are taught to recognize the most commonly used Chinese characters through flashcards and reinforcement games. Introductory pencil exercises and coloring are also provided as we prepare children for formal Chinese character writing. Imaginative and social development will also be encouraged alongside literacy development.
Terrific Tiger
4 - 5 yrs
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Children at this age will become more confident in a Putonghua environment and should have established a basic reservoir of Chinese vocabulary and Putonghua knowledge. In the Terrific Tiger class, children learn to write Chinese characters and simple sentences. Continued character recognition and sentence structure exercises are practiced with an aim to further enhance literacy and conversational skills.
Happy Hippo
5 - 6 yrs
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In this course, more complex vocabulary and sentence structure is taught. Children learn to read longer Chinese passages, and are also encouraged to write simple Chinese compositions. As Pinyin method has been introduced since the Playful Panda level, children in Happy Hippo class are encouraged to master the Pinyin phonetic system, hence aiding them in their Chinese writing. Spoken Chinese is further enhanced through storytelling and role playing games.
G1 - G3
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Our lower Primary lessons are designed to focus on individual students' needs. Our teachers can help children with Chinese homework requirements, strengthening Chinese grammar, Creative Writing, Reading Comprehension, Hanyu Pinyin, Chinese Reading and Oral Speech.
G4 - G6
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Our upper Primary courses are coming soon. Please contact us for more info.