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13 Jan 2020


By January 13, 2020News


Our Chinese New Year Camp this year will take place from Jan 29 – Feb 1, 2020. For this Cultural Camp, children will learn all about Chinese New Year and be engaged in non stop festivities including Couplet Calligraphy Writing, Wushu, Chinese Dumpling making, Lion Dance, Arts & Crafts etc. Children over 2.5 years old are welcome to join the Half Day Camp (9.15-11.45am) while children over 4 years old can consider the Full Day Camp (9.15am-3.15pm).

All enrolment before Jan 18, 2020 is subject to 5% discount. For more details about our CNY Camp please contact us at 3427 9619 or email us here.


We are happy to offer new courses this term. For toddlers from 1.5-2.5 years old, we have daily morning lessons that includes Chinese, Art and Play in Putonghua (1.5 hours). For Kindergarten and Primary children, we are offering Cantonese lessons in addition to Putonghua lessons for those who are interested.
Our New Term from January to April 2020 has begun. From BB Playgroup classes to Kindergarten PTH Basic classes and Primary Chinese Level Up classes, our full range of lessons will provide solution to improving Chinese proficiency for your children. For more details, please contact us at 3427 9619 or email us here.

imagesChinese Character Writing

Why is writing Chinese so difficult? It is not only difficult to foreigners, even native students have problems remembering the characters. Chinese characters, unlike the Western alphabetic languages are made up of strokes forming radicals which can be individual characters, or with multiple radicals making a character. Each character is unique and on average, you need to know about 1500-2000 words to be considered fluent. Studies have shown that writing facilitates learning of Chinese characters, much more than reading. Due to its non alphabetic structure, each character must be learnt individually. Hence we encourage children to write more in Chinese with occasional dictation to strengthen memory of the characters.


Chinese New Year Holidays

The Centre will be closed on the following days:
Jan 24 Friday Day Before CNY
Jan 25 Saturday CNY First Day
Jan 26 Sunday CNY Second Day
Jan 27 Monday CNY Third Day
Jan 28 Tuesday CNY Fourth Day

We wish you all a Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year of the Rat!

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