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At Southside Mandarin, we provide classes all year round. During long school holidays, our popular Camps offer children a great opportunity to learn Chinese and have fun at the same time. Every year, we have 4 different Camps:
Summer Camp
Christmas Camp
Chinese New Year Camp
Easter Camp

Children are encouraged to come in daily for half days. The Camp curriculum is designed with focus on the festival/season involved plus other Culture activities including: PTH and Chinese Art, Wushu, Chinese Dance, Calligraphy etc. Primary children are exposed to beginner STEM activities including Robotics, 3D pen doodling, 3D project design etc. All our Camps are taught exclusively in Putonghua.

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Christmas Camp 2017

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Our Christmas Camp 2017 offers a variety of different activites for children from 3 years to 12 years old. The joy of Christmas spirit and giving will be taught mixed in with Chinese cultural activ...

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