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28 Sep 2017

Christmas Camp 2017

By September 28, 2017Camp

Our Christmas Camp 2017 offers a variety of different activites for children from 3 years to 12 years old. The joy of Christmas spirit and giving will be taught mixed in with Chinese cultural activities. Children will be immersed in a complete Putonghua environment while learning, playing, painting, singing and basically having fun.  STEM teaching will be introduced to Primary students.  Christmas singing, presents giving and Santa Claus are all part of the package.

Parents can choose among the activities below for Christmas Camp 2017:

Children 3 – 5 years old: Grammar Fun (word recognition, songs, games, introductory pinyin, speech and drama, pencil exercises, sentence reading), Putonghua Art, Chinese cultural learning, Chinese music appreciation, Chinese dance etc.

Children 6 – 8 years old: Grammar Fun (pinyin, reading comprehension, creative writing, sentence structure), Putonghua art, Chinese music, Wushu, Chinese dance etc.

Children 9 – 10 years old: Chinese Grammar (reading comprehension, creative writing), Putonghua art, Chinese music, Wushu, Chinese dance etc

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