Chinese Cultural Classes

Students can take part in various fun-filled activities including PTH Art, Chinese Dance, Wushu, etc., to let children be exposed to different aspects of Chinese culture.

PTH Art for 3 – 8 years old

The Putonghua Art course for young children (3 - 8 years old) is designed to expose them to both Chinese and Western Art culture.  Children are taught painting and drawing in cartoon style, sculpturing, handicrafts, and simple Chinese painting. As the entire class is conducted in Putonghua, it is a fun and easy way for children to practise their Putonghua skills while developing a love for art.

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PTH Art for 6 – 12 years old

The Putonghua Art course for primary children (6 – 12 years old) is designed to help children improve their Chinese and/or Western Art techniques. Children will be taught sketching, painting, design, color usage, modelling with different material etc. Engaging themes will ignite imagination and expose children to different artists and cultures. Our teacher can also help children prepare for specific Art examinations. Classes will be taught entirely in Putonghua by a fully qualified art teacher.

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Wushu Class

In present day, children spend too much time indoors in the classroom, doing homework or playing video games. Wushu (or martial arts) is a profound form of exercise, combining ancient forms of movement with modern techniques of sports training. Wushu allows children to develop great strength, speed, power and also helps train their flexibility, coordination, and balance.

In addition, children will gain a deeper understanding of the ancient Chinese culture and experience one of the finest Chinese traditions. In addition, Wushu has an inherent emphasis on discipline, focus and respect in the martial tradition. A series of values, traditionally known as 'Wu De'- Martial Ethics, is often viewed as the guiding principles behind the practice of Wushu. For example, Wu De teaches the children to have respect for the teacher and others, to treat others with compassion, to exercise self-control, to practice humility and modesty, to not bully the weak, to persevere during hardship, and to develop oneself physically. All these Wu De values, together with the training from Wushu, embodies the ideals of a martial scholar and promotes holistic development in children. The Wushu class is taught by a native Chinese martial arts master and the medium of instruction is in Putonghua.  Our Wushu classes start from 4 years old.

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Our Classes

All our classes are taught entirely in Putonghua by qualified native speaking teachers.
From 6 months old onward, we offer classes for language learning and cultural exposure.

0 - 2.5 years old


Adult company is required for all our playgroup classes which start from 6 months old – 2.5 years old. Music, sensory and fun play is the focus with flashcards introduced at an early age. Our approach...

2 - 6 years old


Extending from our playgroup classes, our teachers continue to use a mix of modern and traditional methods to introduce Chinese basics to children over 2 years old...

6 - 12 years old


Our primary classes are catered to needs of children from different schools, both local and international. We focus on a few different areas including: critical reading skills, creative...

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