Our 45 minute structured playgroup classes provides multilevel exposure to babies from 6 months and up.  Non stop activities is introduced to stimulate, engage and interest babies’ first learning process in a Putonghua environment.

6 – 12 months

Studies have shown that babies are capable of learning any language if they are exposed at an early age.   Our 6–12 month playgroup classes offer babies the opportunity to develop their motor skills in a Putonghua immersed environment, taught through songs, games and interactive play.   Activities are developed to stimulate all senses which aim to challenge the baby physically, mentally and linguistically.   Parents or caretakers are also taught simple songs and phrases to use and practice with the babies at home.

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12 – 18 months

As babies become more aware and slightly more independent, our 12–18 month playgroup classes offer the perfect opportunity for further Putonghua exposure, taught through music, arts and crafts, interactive games and storytelling. Flashcards are introduced and toddlers are taught to recognize simple words and couplets in Putonghua. Parents and caretakers are required to accompany toddlers in this class.

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18 – 24 months

From 18–24 months, toddlers have longer attention span and are starting to develop social interactions.  Our 18–24 month playgroup classes introduce more structural learning in a small group environment as we prepare babies for kindergarten learning.  Parents or caretakers are required to accompany toddlers in this class.

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Our Classes

All our classes are taught entirely in Putonghua by qualified native speaking teachers.
From 6 months old onward, we offer classes for language learning and cultural exposure.

0 - 2.5 years old


Adult company is required for all our playgroup classes which start from 6 months old – 2.5 years old. Music, sensory and fun play is the focus with flashcards introduced at an early age. Our approach...

2 - 6 years old


Extending from our playgroup classes, our teachers continue to use a mix of modern and traditional methods to introduce Chinese basics to children over 2 years old...

6 - 12 years old


Our primary classes are catered to needs of children from different schools, both local and international. We focus on a few different areas including: critical reading skills, creative...

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