Our Philosophy

What does learning for children in the 21st Century mean?  How is learning Chinese an integral part of our children’s education, especially for children living in Hong Kong?  With the advancement of technology, the world has become smaller and attaining a global perspective becomes an integral part of modern children’s education.  Hong Kong, being a modern city with extensive ties to both the Western and Chinese world, our children will grow up to be global citizens with an international mindset.  At Southside Mandarin, we focus on Chinese, both as a language and a culture.

Our philosophy here is to raise children’s interest in Chinese. Through learning Chinese, we hope to develop children’s critical thinking skills and creative talent.  We also aim to teach children the proper Chinese values and learning attitudes.

Living in the 21st century means using a 21st century approach to teach children.  Through our own developed curriculum, we start children from a young age to learn the basics of Chinese language in all areas: Listening, Speech, Reading and Writing.  Inspired by both modern Western and traditional Chinese methods, our children are taught the language through highly interactive exercises, group activities and games.  Children will learn to observe, think, create and express themselves in a fluent manner, in both oral and written format.  With the basics mastered, children can progress to higher levels where they will be taught critical reading, thinking and writing skills.  Chinese culture is an integral part of learning and children are given opportunities to experience it through multiple channels, classes and performances. Our STEM classes for Primary children will broaden children’s learning through various Science and Engineering topics.  Children will be taught problem solving and expression (oral and written Chinese) while also being engaged in fun projects.  

Our vision is to let all children enjoy learning Chinese.  We live in a place where East meets West and Southside Mandarin embodies the essence of this.  Let our children grow up having the best of both worlds.

Our Classes

All our classes are taught entirely in Putonghua by qualified native speaking teachers.
From 6 months old onward, we offer classes for language learning and cultural exposure.

0 - 2.5 years old


Adult company is required for all our playgroup classes which start from 6 months old – 2.5 years old. Music, sensory and fun play is the focus with flashcards introduced at an early age. Our approach...

2 - 6 years old


Extending from our playgroup classes, our teachers continue to use a mix of modern and traditional methods to introduce Chinese basics to children over 2 years old...

6 - 12 years old


Our primary classes are catered to needs of children from different schools, both local and international. We focus on a few different areas including: critical reading skills, creative...

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