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21 Apr 2018

Summer Camp and Courses 2018

By April 21, 2018Camp

Summer Camp (weekly enrolment)

Our Summer Camp 2018 offers a variety of super fun and interactive activities for children ranging from 3 to 12 years old. The Camps are taught entirely in Putonghua. Children will be immersed in a complete Putonghua environment while learning grammar, art, dance, wushu, drama, and much more.

Please contact us through email or Facebook for more information on tuition fee and enrolment details.
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Enroll before May 1, 2018 for 20% Early Bird Discount
Enroll before Jun 1, 2018 for 15% Special Discount
Enroll before Jul 1, 2018 for 10% Summer Discount

Below are the activities for Summer Camp:

Monday to Friday 9.15am-10.15am

Children 1.5 – 2.5 years old (parent company optional): 1 hour of Chinese Fun Learning

Monday to Friday 9.15am-11.45am

Children 2.5 – 7 years old: 1 hour Chinese Grammar learning + 1.5 hour Fun activity (PTH Art, Wushu, Chinese Dance or poem recital)

Children 7 – 12 years old: 1.5 hour Chinese Grammar learning + 1 hour Fun activity (PTH Art, Wushu, Chinese Dance, STEM activities)

There will be optional site visits to the following locations to enforce deeper understanding of the material taught in class: Ap Lei Chau Wind Tower Park, Beach, Shopping Mall and Supermarket, subject to weather conditions. One adult is expected to accompany each child (below 5 years old). Parents can choose to let children go on these site visits or stay in our Centre for Camp classes.

Mini performances by children attending week long or more Camps will be held on alternative weeks (Fridays). It will feature what they have learnt that week and also include Poem Recital and/or PTH Drama.

Summer Courses 2018 (daily classes of your choice)

Our all new Summer Courses 2018 offer students the flexibility and frequency of classes based on their interests and availability. We have daily classes offered for students from 1.5-12 years old. Classes available include:

PTH Chinese classes – Grammar, Writing, Reading Comprehensions and Speech
PTH Art – Chinese Painting and Project Fun
Wushu – Beginner Classes
Chinese Dance – Beginner Classes (Chinese Fan, Ribbon Dance)
STEM – 3D Projects, Robotics, Project & Contests.

All classes are taught in Putonghua.

Please contact us through email or Facebook for more information on class schedule and tuition fee.

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